The Fellowship began in Cromer in the early ‘70s when a small group of Christians got together to establish a ‘House Church’ in the town to enable people to pray and worship together.

CCF has always been independent of larger organisations but we seek to enjoy true fellowship with other believers whatever their brand or label.

Leadership Team

Eddie Powell is the Pastor and can normally be found preparing sermons or trying out old jokes on unsuspecting, polite visitors.

Paul Powell is the Assistant Pastor with particular responsibility for leading worship and techy type of stuff like the PA and the web site. (He's also the best looking member of the Powell household...now his kids have left home.)

Mary Powell is the (long-suffering - not) wife of Eddie and is in charge of breakfasts at their B&B as well as being responsible for the anointed notices in the Fellowship.

Gill Powell is the (long-suffering - definitely) wife of Paul. She handles backing vocals and takes care of Sunday Mornings' visual displays.

Julia Horsley is the current Treasurer and is notoriously camera-shy (so this isn't really a photo of her but, until we get a better one...).

Ro Dimmock is another team member and, although it might appear that she is twinned with Julia, we have no photo of Ro yet.